How to record online video from screen with VCatcher

There are a few websites (,, with cool video content (TV shows, films) which are protected from capturing/downloading, but you can record it with VCatcher for personal use and enjoyment.

Let see how easy it is to record video from your screen. All you need is to make the following steps.

1. Open VCatcher. Switch to the screen recorder (Figure 1.5).

Figure 1.5.

2. Open the webpage you want to record. For example, a trailer shown on Than click "screen area" button (Figure 1.6) and select the area you want to record by moving the pointer from one corner to another.

Figure 1.6.

When the selection was made, you can see a green rectangle which shows you the area to be recorded (Figure 1.7). Also, by pressing on 'screenshot' button you can see the image of the selected area.

Figure 1.7.

3. Click record button on VCatcher, and then play the video in player on When you want to finish recording, click stop button. Then your video gets into the program and you can replay it with the help of the built-in player or your favorite one.

VCatcher records video in popular format MPEG-4. You can play it on your PC or TV or also convert it for your favorite device.