How to convert flash video to .mov, mp4, mp3 for IPad, IPhone

VCatcher lets you convert your videos to most known formats .mov, .wmv, .mp4 for all popular devices, such as IPad, iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, PSP, IPod, etc. VCatcher also extracts audio from videos and converts to .mp3. The converter can cut the desired duration, choose the output resolution of the converted videos. Let's see how it works.

1. Choose a video which you want to convert from the table and specify the name and the destination for it (Figure 1.8).

Figure 1.8.

2. Choose the desired device or output format of the video. If you want to cut the video, set the interval and you will see the frame you selected (Figure 1.9).

Figure 1.9.

3. Click convert button.