Program for recording video from the screen, desktop, webcam, games, messengers, websites

VCatcher (transcript: Catching the Video) is a Windows program that helps you to record video from the screen, download video from any website, record chat correspondence or video calls in your favorite messenger, convert videos from YouTube to MP3 or any other format, record the passage of the game, make a video with a webcam overlay on the desktop, etc. VCatcher will close all the questions related to video capture. Capture video efficiently and simply!

Use VCatcher to record screen video

VCatcher program allows to record video from the screen on a professional level! With it, you can record both full-screen videos with all your activity on the desktop, and shoot video only from a certain part of the screen, where, for example, you play some desktop game or communicate with friends on Skype, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger. VCatcher allows you to record video with or without a sound from the speakers, with or without a microphone, with or without a webcam, with or without a mouse cursor. For a recorded video, you can always choose the desired picture quality and frame rate, set a timer to automatically stop recording, or stop recording using a hotkey. To achieve the highest possible frame rate, VCatcher can use a hardware acceleration from Intel Quick Sync, AMD VCE, Nvidia NVENC, as well as a window recording mode that records directly from the program's window (use this mode to record any download-protected videos directly from Chrome or Firefox browsers). Also, the VCatcher program allows you to record video from the screen in an invisible, background mode (when you recording video, for example, TV shows from Netflix, you can do your business on a PC).

Use VCatcher to record webcam video

VCatcher allows you to record video from a webcam on a professional level! With it, you can not only record your activity on the desktop but also overlay the image from the webcam anywhere on the screen, recording, if necessary, the sound from a microphone and speakers. Naturally, at any time during the creation of the video, you can enable or disable the recording of your voice from the microphone and your face from the webcam using hotkeys. If you have several webcams connected to your PC, you can switch them right during video recording, displaying your face on the desktop when you say something or your hands when you do something. You can also record video only from a webcam (without the desktop environment) and voice from the microphone. VCacther program allows you to choose the physical resolution and frame rate for recording video from a webcam and directly during shooting video to change the position and size of the camera window relative to the desktop. Also, using the VCatcher program, you can configure your webcam for professional shooting. While recording video from the screen, you can make the webcam frame round or oval, so that only your face could be placed there, and the whole creative mess remained behind the scene... Also, you can feel like a real TV person and remove the background with the green filter (you will need a green or blue wall behind you). If you want something bright, then decorate the frame of the webcam with beautiful wallpaper for your desktop. And if you want something unusual and mysterious, then make the image from the webcam translucent. And if in your room everything is turned upside down, then turn yourself upside down so that you do not stand out against the background of all this chaos occurring in your room (this is a joke).

Use VCatcher to download videos from any websites

VCatcher allows you to download videos from websites on a professional level! With its help, you can download the video in its original quality from almost any site, so that you can watch it on the road or simply enjoy watching a video without ads. VCatcher can download videos from the link provided by you or by self-searching for links to videos in incoming HTTP traffic. In case the video you request is available in different quality options, the VCatcher program will download the best quality (if necessary, glue the best sound with the best picture for sites like YouTube, which use the most modern streaming technology with separate audio and video tracks). Here is a list of sites from which VCatcher can download videos:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (for each site was filmed video tutorial that shows the downloading process). By the way, this is not a complete list of supported sites (for ethical reasons, we did not include sites for adults, and in general, we don’t want your scrolling to have broken (this is a joke).

Use VCatcher to convert video to any format

VCatcher allows you to convert video on a professional level! With its help, you can extract sound from a video file, cut the necessary part from a video clip (video trimming is performed instantly and without loss of quality), make black and white video or add other effects to it, transfer the video file from one video format to another, optimize video file for viewing on a specific device. VCatcher supports more than 1000 different profiles for video conversion. For a visual demonstration of the video conversion features available in the VCatcher program, we give a vital example. Suppose you need to download a huge playlist from YouTube with more than 100 heavy music video clips, and you want to output light MP3 files (for listening to songs on the street or in the car). Watch the video tutorial on how to do it. Spoiler: you only need to transfer the link to the playlist from YouTube and tell the program that you need music, not video. The program will do the rest itself.

Five advantages of VCatcher over other video capture programs and services

  1. VCatcher supports hardware acceleration when recording video from the screen (INTEL, AMD, NVIDIA). Record video with a maximum frame rate that can be extracted out of your hardware!
  2. VCatcher supports recording video in invisible, background mode. Record TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon in parallel doing your business on a PC!
  3. VCatcher supports all existing formats for video conversion and all sites with video content, from where it is physically possible to download video files. If the video is protected from downloading, VCatcher can record it from the screen (directly from Chrome or Firefox browsers, in full-screen playback mode, with resolution, FPS and image quality not different from the original)!
  4. VCatcher downloads videos from websites much faster than online services, which first download videos to their server, and then you download videos from their servers via a much narrower channel (online services intentionally cut you a channel so that the video is downloaded longer and you looked more advertising). Download videos without intermediary online services directly from the donor site!
  5. VCatcher has been developed since 2010, so the program has the most thoughtful and intuitive interface (verified by time). Unlike other video capture software that easily throws 100 dialog boxes on the user's screen with all sorts of nonsense, in VCatcher all the necessary checkboxes and settings will appear only as needed, right in the video recording panel by transforming it.

Freemium License

VCatcher is a Freemium Program. This means that you can record videos for free. VCatcher program does not limit the recording time and does not degrade the quality of the recorded video (there are no restrictions on functionality associated with video recording at all). When using the program for free, the VCatcher's watermark is placed on recorded video. To remove the watermark, please buy a premium license >> Please note, that the premium license is lifetime and the program is time-tested and has been on the market since 2010!