How to Change webcam zoom with VCatcher Screen Recorder?

Visual illustration of how to Change webcam zoom

FYI: if you a new user for the VCatcher software first download and install VCatcher on your PC. It`s free!

Change webcam zoom

The red numbers in the illustration are fully complying with the instruction. Follow them. It`s easy!

Follow this instruction to Change webcam zoom

  1. Check "Desktop" radio button to put VCatcher Screen Recorder into the desktop recording mode.
  2. Check "Record webcamera" to put VCatcher Screen Recorder into the webcam recording mode.
  3. Click on "Webcam settings" button to show a dialog box which shows you all available settings for a selected webcam-device (move the top-level webcam window using drag and drop if it overlaps the dialog box with webcam settings).
  4. Click on the "Camera control" tab to show the dialog box that allows webcam zoom changing.
  5. Move the webcam zoom slider to set a new zoom level for a selected webcam. Remember, that zoom changing is available only for those webcams that support it on a hardware level. Also to manually change webcam zoom you need to uncheck the "Auto" option if it checked.
  6. Click on the "Apply" button.
  7. Click on the "OK" button.

This tutorial that shows you how to Change webcam zoom refers to VCatcher Screen Recorder that is a part of VCatcher software. Install VCatcher right now for downloading any videos from the web, for converting videos to any format and for any device, for recording your desktop (with web camera and microphone), for recording TV-shows, webinars, webcam sites, skype calls, games, phone screen and much more.

VCatcher screen recorder launching

For launching VCatcher Screen Recorder after installation of VCatcher first run VCatcher by double-clicking on the shortcut from your desktop and then select "Record video" from the main menu of the program.